About Me

Hi I'm Philippa, I love coffee, gin, cake, horses, dogs and laughing till i cry! (I also love my kids and husband - sometimes!).

I live in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire with my husband, kids, our dog and 2 cats. My studio is in Elmstone Hardwicke, just outside of Cheltenham, where I keep my horses Candy and Honey. If you come to my studio you will also see chickens, cows, geese and a turkey or 2!

In my spare time im either riding my horse, walking the dog or sitting in front of netflix with a gin, or coffee depending on the time of day!

I've been a professional photographer since 2013, but have loved taking photos all my life.

I specialise in weddings, newborns and children photography and love that I capture peoples journey's all the way from marriage to newborns and beyond. I'm so lucky that I get to capture your key moments in life and document it from the start.

I have been trained by some of the leading wedding and newborn photographers in the industry. I love timeless natural images, genuine laughter and a bit of Glam added to the mix for maternity! I love providing you with beautiful wall art, images should be on display in your home, not at the back of a cupboard or on your computer.

Our generation is one that takes the most photos but has the least printed. My home is filled with photos of our lifes, which makes me smile every single day. Let me help you smile too!