Newborn Baby Photography

Welcome to the world little one!

Newborn sessions ideally take place between 5 -14 days new, but can be done for older babies too. The session is completely baby led allowing plenty of time for feeding and cuddles, because of this the sessions last up to 4 hours.

After approximately 2 weeks you will be invited to your viewing session, where you are under no obligation to purchase a single image. However if you do wish to make a purchase there is a minimum order fee of £249.00

A £50 non refundable retainer fee is required to secure your booking date, this will be deducted from your final order or refunded if you decide not to make a purchase.

Bow Lips


Approx 4 hour session
In Person viewing session
20+ High Resolution Digital Images
10 6 x 9" Mounted prints of your chosen digital images
Slideshow of all your images
Facebook timeline cover photo
Full use of props and outfits for baby
£50 Credit towards any wall art purchased
£50 Sitter session voucher

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Button Nose


Approx 4 Hour session
In Person viewing session
10 High Resolution Digital images of your choice
5 6 x 9" photos matching your chosen digital images
Full use of props and outfits for baby

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Tiny Toes


Approx 4 hour session
In person viewing session
5 High Resolution digital images
Full use of props and outfits for baby

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the shoot last? +

Newborn shoots normally take 2 - 4 hours which allow plenty of time for feeding and settling your baby between poses. My aim is to keep the shoot as relaxed and calm as possible, and they are completely baby led, so please do not plan anything else for the day of your shoot.

When should I book my session? +

Due to the fact that newborns rarely arrive on their due date, I only ever book in 2 - 3 newborns a week to allow for some wiggle room on dates. The ideal time to book is after your 20 week scan but if I have space in the diary im happy to take bookings right up to the time baby arrives.

How do I prepare the morning of my session? +

Newborn Shoots - Please feed your baby 2 - 3 hours before your shoot, then try not to feed them again until you are in the studio and feed on arrival. Please bring plenty of bottles with you and a dummy if used.

If breast feeding please avoid any of these foods for 48 hours before your shoot - chocolate, spices, citrus fruit, cherries, prunes, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi fruit, excessive caffeine, onion, cabbage, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, peppers.

The studio is heated to 28º to keep baby warm, cosy and sleepy when they are in their little outfits and naked poses, so please dress in light and comfortable clothing suitable for that temperature.

I will send out a colour palette before your shoot, whichever colours you choose please bring similar coloured tops with you for anyone being photographed (Parents/Siblings etc)

No big patterns, stripes or character tops - in fact just simple plain t shirts and jeans works best - or pretty lace dresses for the girls. If you don’t like your upper arms long sleeved t’s are fine.

How long does the Wall art credit last if i choose the top package? +

Wall Art Credit is valid for 30 days from when you recieve your digital files.

What do i need to bring to the session? +

I offer a range of hot and cold drings in the studio, but as sometimes newborns can take up to 4 hours i would encourage you to bring a sandwich and snacks, especially if breast feeding.

Please bring a dummy, even if your not intending to use one they can help settle baby into poses and help them relax.

Its not uncommon for your newest arrival to decide go to toilet whilst you are holding them, naked! I would suggest bringing a change of clothes in case this happens!

Do you offer Payment Plans? +

Yes, your payments can be broken into 3 monthly instalments 50% of your total value of order payable at your viewing session. Products released once full payment has been made.