Which Baby Photos are a Must-Have for the Modern Family?

Arguably the most magical moment of any couple’s lives is when the time comes to showcase their newborn baby to society - this is a momentous occasion, and one which should not have its significance underplayed. Understandably, when this time comes, you will want to hire a professional newborn photographer. However, prior to the day of the shoot, there is something which you must decide upon; specifically, the poses that you want to have covered. If you are unsure as to which direction you want to go in, feel free to heed the advice of the Pink Elephant Photography team.

Sleeping Beauty

Those of you that have recently welcomed a newborn baby into the world will have quickly become familiar with the amount of time that they spend sleeping. However, this is not a bad thing - it is a welcome relief from the crying which tends to persist when they are awake. As such, what better way to capture their adorableness than when they are asleep? These beautiful photos showcase them at their most vulnerable, and it is something that is bound to amplify your love to new levels.

Baring All

Everyone, no matter what their background is, will have pictures of them, as a small child, enjoying life in their birthday suit. Children love to frolic around without being confined in clothes, and this is something that should be celebrated. The unbridled joy that they exhibit when they’re like this is something to bring a smile to the face of anyone-and-everyone. In truth, a baby photo shoot would not be complete without a ‘baring all’ picture, and any self-respecting newborn photographer will tell you the same thing.

The Whole Family

As a couple, you will have likely dreamed of the moment that you could bring a new member of the family into the world; if this encapsulates your feelings, family photography is the perfect thing for you. These kinds of photos can be taken in a variety of locations, depending on the type of atmosphere that you are trying to create. Case-and-point, if you wanted to epitomise unity as a family unit, being tucked up in bed together is the perfect pose. Alternatively, if you are a trailblazing family, it could be worth introducing some sports-related accessories into the background.

Sensitive Siblings

If you already have children, the chances are that you have done a number of family portraits in the past; however, adding a newborn into the mix is a fantastic way in which to develop a strong bond between them and their older siblings. The sibling shot has seen a huge spike in popularity over recent years, and it is not hard to see why. If you are deliberating about which newborn photo poses that you want to do, this is certainly not one that should discount without extensive consideration. We guarantee that this is a picture which will elicit ‘awwws’ from all who see it.

Pink Elephant Photography - Here For You

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