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"For anyone thinking about wedding photography, they shall never be let down by Philippa, amazing photos & an amazing person. We cannot rate you highly enough or say thank you enough"

Izzie & Ryans beautiful day was right bang in the middle of Storm Gareth, we embraced the windest day ever and captured some beautiful Wedding Photos!

The day began with all the bridesmaids and flowergirls getting ready at The Woodshed near their chosen venue Deer Park Hall in Pershore. It was full of fun & laughter and really set the scene for the rest of the day. I love hearing all about my couples thought process of the day so i asked Izzie a few questions. (Please see below the images)

How did the proposal go?

We went to London for the night to stay on a yacht id been wanting to stay on for agessss. We had got ready to go for dinner that evening and as I walked out from the bathroom I saw rose petals on the floor and thought ahhh he’s being romantic I then looked up onto the balcony to see him there on one knee (I actually then ran back into the bathroom in total shock, looked in the mirror realised what I had done and ran back out!!) running at him shouting no way really, YES!

What made you choose your Venue?
We had no idea really what we were after but as I am a hairdresser I had a long list of places I had done bridal hair at over and over and did not want one of those venues as beautiful as they were. I wanted something a little different! We happened to come across Deer Park Hall, when I was having a crazy evening one night and decided in my dreams how lovely it would be to have Deers roaming around the venue so I googled it to see if there was a local country park that did anything as crazy as that and that’s when Deer Park, Eckington popped up! I didn’t believe it, 10 minutes down the road and I’d never heard of it?! As I clicked on their site I saw they had a wedding open day coming up and just thought we had to go! Fate! Leaving the venue, I looked at my husband and we both just said that’s it! We didn’t need to look round anywhere else, this was the venue!

What was your theme/style of wedding, and why?
So the venue was already a little rustic with wooden beams and wooden hearts all over the place which we loved! But, I am always very glitz and glam... so we needed some glitter somewhere! Sequin table runners were a must! Everything seemed to fit into place and work together from wooden antlers to gold glitter dipped candle holders.

What made you fall in love with your dress?
I did the typical bride thing when they pulled it out and said ‘No I don’t like it, it’s not what I’m after’ they insisted I tried it on... and I couldn’t believe how I felt. I was so embarrassed I’d made such a show beforehand about how I didn’t like it, how could I love it? How could it be everything I didn’t want yet be in love with it?! I walked away to start with in total shock, surely that can’t be the dress because I didn’t like it?! I then started having dreams/nightmares waking up in the middle of the night that I hadn’t got the dress and it was no longer avaliable and I was so upset - I decided to text my mom one morning about a dream saying I can’t believe I’m feeling like this and she just replied ‘I can’t stop thinking about it either, we need to go back and see it’ so as we arrived back with a different mind I tried it on a just knew, this was my dress, I couldn’t leave the dress today. - Dress from The Bridal Rooms -Broadway

What was your stand out moment on the day?
Obviously, we loved it all!! But whilst we were eating our dinner I stopped, looked up and looked around. Everyone was laughing, smiling, eating, chatting - not a sad face in the room. 120 people gathered there for us, happy, loving it as much as we were. It was something I saw that no one will even know but I will never be able to forget - I just loved it. We had pulled together this wedding and everyone was having the best time!

Any advice for future couples ?
Don’t rush it if you don’t have to! They’re expensive - but it’s the best day ever. Don’t cut corners because it’s one day that you want to be perfect there were little things that I pushed to the back of my list incase we didn’t have the money for and thankfully we did in the end. But the amount of compliments I had on all the little touches and on things I was considering to not do just to save money so we could just get married. It wouldn’t have been the same. I have no regrets from the wedding, I wouldn’t have done anything differently and I am so pleased that we did do everything we did, because I would of regretted it! Take your time and personalise your day as much as you want - it only happens once so don’t look back and wish you did things differently because you rushed through it. We saved and planned over 18 months and it was perfect time.