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Yay, your baby is turning one, what better way to celebrate than a cake smash and splash!

All my cake smashes are styled just for you and your baby. No 2 smashes are the same, so how do you choose a theme thats right for you? Its so easy to head over to pinterest, but it can get overwhelming with so many ideas and they might not be quite right for you and your baby! So ive put together this handy guide which will help you narrow down your choices and find a theme thats perfect for you and your own unique baby.

Questions to ask yourself BEFORE thinking of a theme

  • Where will the images be displayed? In your Lounge, nursery, bathroom or hallway, what colours would compliment the decor?
  • Do you have something in your life that stands out or you always come back to?

Your Choice

Lets face it, your baby's 1st birthday is really all about you! They wont remember it, and for the rest of their life they will certainly have more input into what they would like or not like for thier Birthday - So for the first birthday you can take full advantage that your in control.

Your hobbies - Fishing, Shopping, Reading, Ballet, Travel, lego, Gardening

Your career - Firefighter, builder, chef, teacher, Beauty Salon

Your sports - Football & Rugby teams, Boxing, Golf

Your favourite movies or TV Shows - Star wars, Harry Potter, Friends, Only Fools & Horses, Batman

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Thier Choice

Perhaps you would like to choose a theme that is more about them. By age 1 they are already smiling away when you put on a certain song, or hear a theme tune to a favourite programme. Do they have abook you read to them every night? So what makes them bring out their toothy smiles?

Favorite song - Wheels on the bus, row row row your boat, Baby shark

Favourite programme - Peppa Pig, CocoMelon, Seasame Street, Mr Tumble

Favourite Book - Hungry Caterpillar, The Gruffalo, Dear Zoo, Peter Rabbit

Favourite Toys - Cars, My Little Ponies, Care Bears, Trains

Favourite Food - Ice Cream, Spaghetti, Jelly, Fruit

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Family Photographer in Worcestershire

Perhaps you dont want a theme, you just want lovely photos to match the colours of your home. Pastels, simply white or even all the colours of the rainbow!

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Seasonal Themes

This is a simple one and leads to beautiful images!

Winter - Candy canes, Snow, Winter ONEderland, New Years, Valentines

Autumn - Burnt Oranges, falling leaves, Forests, Halloween

Summer - Beach, BBq's, Pool Party, Ice Cream

Spring - Easter, Florals, Gardens

Wedding Photographer in Cotswolds

Wedding Photographer in Worcestershire

Wedding Photographer in Cheltenham

Family Photography in Gloucestershire

Non Cake Smash

Whilst i have never photographed a non cake cake smash...i would absolutly LOVE to. If you fancy something a bit different, or your little one doesnt like cake here are some other ideas!

Fruit - Watermelon, Lemons, Strawberries, Advocado

Donuts - " Donut grow up"

Ice Cream






Still unsure? I have a bucket list of smashes i would absolutly ADORE to photograph. So if any of these spark your fancy let me know

  • Pony Club
  • Leapord Print
  • Lego
  • Flamingos
  • Hippie
  • Armed Forces
  • Paddington Bear
  • Builder
  • Mechanic
  • Shopaholic
  • Spaghetti

Please book your cake smash at least 6 weeks in advance, i put a lot of time and effort into planning your session, so the more notice i get, the more time i have to plan the best set up possible! I hope this guide has been helpful and i cant wait to bring all your ideas to life!

Would you like me to photograph your little ones Cake smash, please get in touch here

Philippa ❤️

The boring bit - Dont read this bit, its purely for Seo purposes and quite frankly boring!

Im a Cheltenham based Cake smash and family photographer. All Cake Smashes are done in my Cheltenham Photography Studio or at an outdoor location of your choice in Gloucestershire. If you live in Gloucester, Tewkesbury or Cheltenham and are after a cake Smash photographer for your little one please do get in touch here.