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Planning a wedding can be a tricky task, one of the main thoughts in your head might be how you can entertain your guests & bring everyone together in a fun way. Planning some activities or games can be a great way to do this.

I quite often get asked during our pre- wedding consultation about fun ideas i've seen at weddings. Games and activities are often a great way to entertain your guests between the ceremony and wedding breakfast. They can be a life saver to stop the kids getting bored and if kids arent invited the adults get to have a go - Win win!

Wedding games are also a great oppurtunity for me to get some really awesome photos, there are only so many photos you can have of people standing around chatting right? I absolutly love it when you have planned games and activities at your wedding. It brings more fun to your wedding photos, and i can guarentee i will get some fabulous shots!

What ever style of wedding your having from a huge country manor with wide sweeping lawns, to a quirky little pub there is always something you can do to entertain your guests.

So here is my list of full of your awesome ideas!

1. Giant Connect 4

This is one of the most popular games at weddings. If you havent played it since your childhood nows the chance! A lot of venues have realised this and now supply them as standard for your reception. However if they dont you can buy one here

Wedding Photographer in Gloucestershire

2. Swingball

This is such a cheap easy option to entertain both the kids and adults, and a great way to get some epic photos! You can buy these in nearly every toy shop, larger supermarket , sport shop or if you like to sit on the comfort of your sofa you can order one here

Wedding Photographer in Cotswolds

3. Ring Toss

Another simple and effective way to entertain your guests! You dont need a lot of room and often see the competitive side come out in people. Another great photo opputunity! Order one here

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4. Croquet

A very british sport. The perfect choice if your getting married in an old county manor. Nobody really understands the rules of the game but the gist is you have to hit the ball through the hoops without it touching. A firm favourite with the oldies who love to show their skills to the young'uns, and when the wine starts flowing everyone gets involved! Lots of the larger venues have these as standard but if not order yours here.

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5. Bouncy Castle

A definite favourite to keep the kids entertained, and when they are worn out its time for the adults to enjoy the fun. Every wedding i've every photographed that has a bouncy castle has been enjoyed to the full. If you want to go all fancy and your getting married in or around Gloucestershire you can hire a white wedding bouncy castle here

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6. Look a like's

Is your hubby/wife to be into a certain tv programme/film? Why not hire a look a like to gate crash the wedding. I have not seen this at any other wedding other than my own, but i think its such an awesome idea i feel i need to share it. Hands down the funniest 30 minutes of my wedding day when Del Boy gate crashed our speeches You can book a del boy or other look alikes here

Family Photographer in Cotswolds( photo by the lovely Julie Jones Photography)

7. Caricaturist

Honestly hands down one of the best ideas ive seen. It doubles up as a wedding favour and gives your guests something to take home, hang on their wall and remember your day for years to come. Guests are always queing up for this little gem! Book a Caricaturist in Gloucestershire here

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8. Glitter Bar

If your looking for a full on festival atmosphere this is the one to get the party started. Another of my favourites. Gives a real sense of definition to your day to seperate the formalities and the time to get downing those jagerbombs! Glitter bars in Gloucestershire can be booked here

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9. Dressing up box

If you cant stretch to a full on photobooth a little fancy dress corner works wonders. You could even include a few selfie sticks and get people to add them to your wedding hashtags. Brings a real sense of fun to the party. Who doesnt like dressing up after a few gins!

Wedding Photographer in Gloucestershire

10. Table Games

Popping 1 or 2 simple games on each table is a great way to break the ice, if you have guests on the same table who dont know each other. Simple but effective! Amazon is your friend!

Wedding Photographer in Cotswolds

11. Space hoppers!

Children & big kids alike will have hours of fun on these little gems. Epic fun, Epic photos, what more do you want!

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12. Face Mats

Another simple, fun and cost effective way to break the ice on the tables. They come in human, animal and even celebrity form! Surprisingly funny, especially when old art Doris has had a few sherry's! Order face mats yours here

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13. Drinks Token

If you cant stretch to an open bar, having a drink token for each guest is a lovely way to say thanks for coming and ensures everyone gets to the bar! Order yours here

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14. Alpacas

Yep Alpacas at weddings is a thing! They rock up and stand around looking cute. The kids love them, the adults love them, and they love being fussed...they also makes for a great wedding photo! Enquire about having an Alpaca visit your wedding here

Family Photographer in Cotswolds

15. Bubbles

What kid doesnt like chasing around bubbles. Perfect to keep them busy whilst the adults are being boring!

Family Photographer in Worcestershire

So thats it , my favourite wedding ideas, hopefully there is something amongst these ideas to suit all budgets, and every single one of them have been a lot of fun for the kids and the not so little kids amongst us❤️