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When looking for a newborn photographer you will have searched online for local newborn photographers , if you live in Tewkesbury, Cheltenham or Gloucestershire and your reading this you have obviously come across me! Yay!! Hopefully you will have browsed through my website and liked what you v'e seen. You may have emailed or chatted to me on the phone and fingers crossed we have pencilled in a date for your newborn photography shoot. So what happens next?

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A few weeks before baby arrives i schedule in a 15 minute phone call where we chat about colour schemes and styling of the photoshoot. My aim is to give you beautiful images that will seemlessly fit into your home. We can also discuss if there are any particular poses you like, and any hobbies or heirlooms you would like to be included in your newborn photography shoot.

Yay your baby has arrived!!

Newborns rarely arrive on due date, because of this we initially pencil in your photoshoot around a week after due date. When baby arrives i ask you to get in touch and we can tweak the date if needed. I only ever photograph a maximum of 3 newborns a week, which allows us some wiggle room on dates. Once we have firmed up a date i will email you some information to prepare for the session.

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The Day Of Your Photoshoot

The first few days of parenthood is a blur, you will probably arrive at the studio tired and exhasted. Please dont worry, Its time to put your feet up and relax!

The studio will be heated to around 28 degrees, as baby will spend most of the time not wearing very much, i recommend wearing something light and comfortable. Your baby will no doubt have fallen asleep on the way into the studio, so once your settled you can give them a good feed which will hopefully drop them back off to sleep. Your newborn photo session will last anything between 2 -4 hours, so i advise not to plan to much else for your day. Comfort and safety are paramount during your session, they are completly baby led allowing plenty of time for feeding and settling, as and when required. Your session will never feel rushed and your baby will never be forced into any poses they are not comfotable in.

During our phone consulation we will have decided on colours and prop choices and the studio will all be set up ready for your arrival. If baby has fallen back to sleep after feeding i will then begin the session focusing on just baby shots on my bean bag. If your baby isnt asleep but is settled, awake and happy we will start the session with beautiful sibling, and parent shots first, and move on to props and beanbag shots when baby sleeps.

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After the session

We will book your viewing appointment back at the studio for around 10 - 14 days after your photoshoot. You will have seen some wall art samples around the studio during your session, and got a feel for what you like. If wall art is something you are thinking of, its a great idea to take a photo of the space you are envisaging it to hang and measure the space in advance. Wall art credit is included in all the top packages, It is valid for 3 months, so your viewing appoitment is a great time to place an order whilst we are sitting down and i can offer my expertise and offer advice and guidance.

All packages include digital images which you will have on the day. Prints take around 1 week to arrive and wall art around 3 - 4 weeks from ordering. When your order is complete i will be in touch and we can arrange a collection date.

Please get in touch here if you would like to discuss your Newborn photoshoot.

Any newborn shoot booked before 30th April 2021 ( newborn shoots can be for pencilled in for anytime up to January 2022 ) will get a FREE Maternity mini shoot including 2 free digital images.

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