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Wedding Photographer in Gloucestershire

During lockdown i have been so sad that so many of my clients have been unable to have their scheduled Newborn photoshoots in studio.

I heard through the grapevine that a few photographers around the world were offering 'Virtual shoots'. At the moment im willing to try absolutly anything to try and keep capturing all your important moments.

These shoots have been way better than i could have imagined. All you need is a decent camera phone, and a room with a window in your home. I will then invite you to download an app, which gives me complete control over the camera of your phone. You will then be able to hear me and i can guide you through how to position baby, lighting and camera angles.

After the session the app downloads all the images direct to my Mac, you will not see them until they have been edited and added onto a password protected online gallery.

The shoots will cost nothing at all and afterwards if you wish to make a purchase you can do so via your online gallery with pricing starting at £12.00 per digital image or packages will be available.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

My home isnt very big and is a bit cluttered, can i still do it?

Dont worry at all, you dont have to have a 'perfect space' We just need a small corner of a room near a window. We can work with whatever space you have available!

What shall i dress myself and baby in?

Something plain and simple works best. Any colours at all, but if you can colour coordinate the end result will look better. Layers also look great so if baby has any knitted blankets, muslins etc we can also incorporate these into the session.

Do I need to live in your area?

Absolutely not, the beauty of these sessions is that they are done virtually so you can literally be anywhere in the world!

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If you would like a session, please get in touch here

I absolutly cant wait to virtually meet all your beautiful newborns, and look forward to creating some memories to treasure.