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Sitter sessions are photographed when your little one is between 6 - 11 months old. When your baby can sit up confidently unsupported, but arent yet up and walking. Its such a beautiful time to capture, and i would love to welcome more of you along to the studio to capture their ever growing personlaities.

5 reasons why i think all babies should have a sitter session

  • They can sit up! - It seems obvious giving the name of the session right! But when babies are the age between newborn and not sitting, its quite a difficult time to capture. They can lay on their back - or on their front and there arent to many other options. When they are sitting it opens up a whole new word of possiblities.

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  • They are not too aware of strangers yet! They are still fairly unconcerend about the people around them, and mostly will respond with cheeky smiles and giggles to anyone who wants to interact with them, making for some cracking photos!
  • Its our last chance before we have to chase them around the room getting them to stay in any one place for a photo!

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  • Personality - This is my favourite time to capture them. Their own little personalities, facial expressions and character is starting to shine through, and i love to capture them all from shy little glances to full on belly laughs, there is nothing better than capturing a sitter in my opinion!
  • Shorter sessions - Newborn sessions can take up to 4 hours as they are not in any sort of a routine. By sitter age, they are often in a better sleep, feed, nap routine so we can schedule your shoot around what works best for them. The sessions are shorter allowing just enough time to capture them before they have had enough.

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