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In 2020 I had many couples understandably change their Wedding date due to Covid 19. But now with the prospect of many couples thinking they may have to postpone again, in some instances for the 3rd or 4th time, what are the main pros and cons of going ahead as planned in these uncertain times. I have spoke to my 3 couples who decided to go ahead and marry in 2020, they choose love, and love always wins!

There are pros and cons to every wedding, big or small, no one knows whats right for you other than you. Ive compiled a list with the help of my bride and grooms who have been through it all and decided against all odds to carry on as planned and marry their love.

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  • The most obvious pro is with the reduced numbers, you will be saving a huge amount of money on everything from venue, entertainment, food, flowers, and outfits.
  • Less drama - there is often a lot of time spent thinking who to invite or not invite, having a smaller wedding really puts it into perspective of who are the most important people you would like attending your day.
  • If you dont much like being the centre of attention, smaller weddings are much more relaxed and intimate, you dont need to put on a show for anyone. Just be yourself surrounded by the people who know you best.
  • A smaller wedding will take less time to organise. When a wedding becomes smaller it also become simpler
  • You will have more time on the day to spend with people you truly care about

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  • You cant have everyone you would want there, you may upset certain family and friends if they are not invited.
  • Less of a party atmosphere. If you want dancing until the early hours this may not be possible with only a few guests.

I asked 3 couples a few questions about the pros and cons of getting married during the Covid 19 pandemic, heres what they had to say

1. Why did you decide to go ahead with your wedding?
"After postponement of our original date (March 26th 2020) due to national lock down just 3 days before, we just didn't want to wait any longer. For us, getting married was about us being joined together. We all want the party, and celebration that goes with a wedding, but after the date moving, and the location moving due to COVID-19, our focus was making the best we could out of restrictions so that we could have our wedding day." - Nicola & Andy

"We honestly thought we weren’t going to be able to get married on our planned wedding date and that made us realise how much we wanted to just get married, it felt like such a loss!! The thought of having to wait another year was gutting and to be honest we didn’t know what situation the country would be the next year so we decided that we would get married as soon as we could and plan a party for hopefully 2021. It wasn’t until July that we found out we could get married in august so we went from thinking it would be towards the end of the year if at all that year, to having to plan a wedding in just over a month! Also, I already had my wedding dress and didn’t trust myself to be able to fit in it a whole year later!" - Rosie & Ben

"We actually booked the wedding in the midst of covid but we decided to do it as with the uncertainty ahead of spring 2021 we thought if we didn’t do it in September we may not be doing it for 2 years!" - Jess & Sam

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2. What were the pros and cons to having a smaller wedding? -
"We had originally planned for 60 guests, but due to restrictions this was reduced to 30. It's horrible having to un-invite people, but to make it a bit easier, we arranged for extra pieces of cake made by our cake maker (www.cotswoldcakes.co.uk), which we sent with all un-invites. The benefit of a smaller wedding was the intimate and relaxed vibe to the wedding. We didn't have to worry about who to sit with who, as everyone was on their own tables, and the usual politics of families, we could literally have exactly who we wanted there. I was concerned that it would seem too small, but it wasn't, it was perfect.
Pro's - a smaller wedding is cheaper when paying at price per head". - Nicola & Andy

"Pros- we could have the intimate rustic wedding we’d always dreamed of without any of the wedding pressure! And obviously the costs were brought way down
Cons- we sadly couldn’t invite all the family and friends who would’ve loved to be there". - Jess & Sam

"The only cons we can think of is the fact that there was so many people we couldn’t have at our wedding that we wanted there and lost a few deposits we had paid. The main thing was we could actually get married which is all we really wanted at that point and we could still have our nearest and dearest with us. On the run up to the day we were so sad over that fact there was so many people we couldn’t have there but when the day came, it was honestly THE MOST magical, perfect day, it was better than we could ever imagine! We would 1000% recommend a small intimate wedding, it made it so relaxed and we could actually focus more on what the day was about." -Rosie & Ben

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3. What advice would you give to future couples that are undecided if to postpone or go ahead?
"Our advice would be, why wait! We postponed from our first date, thinking that by November everything would be back to normal, but it wasn't. The stress and disappointment just kept happening and the most important reason for a wedding was getting lost in the hospitality industry trying to get us to fit in with their plans. We made a decision to marry for love and to be joined together, not for the everyone else and the party. So, we made the wedding work for us and the restrictions/situation had to work with us to make our day special and memorable, which it was beyond our wildest dreams. It was just perfect!" - Nicola & Andy

"Sometimes having your closest friends and family makes it more special than any big plans you’d hoped for, especially in these times. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it". - Jess & Sam

"Our advise would be to just go for it. We know how heartbreaking it is to lose the wedding you have always dreamed of but having a small wedding means you can really focus on the fact the wedding is literally about just you and your partner. Our day was EVERYTHING. It was perfect. We couldn’t have ever dreamed of such a prefect day. Have your day, focus on the fact you can be husband and wife and have a MASSIVE party later on. It also gives you extra time to save for an amazing honeymoon!! These times have taught us you really don’t know what the future holds, so make the most of being together now". - Rosie & Ben

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4.Anything extra you can add?

"Our advice would be, if you have planned the day and the only difference is numbers, and no dancing, why wait...
The reason for the wedding, the outcome of the wedding, the people who are closest to you, the photo memories of the day are what lasts and you keep forever". - Nicola & Andy

"One of the most important things for your wedding is (in our opinion), who you choose as your photographer and we couldn’t recommend anyone more than Philippa. Having a smaller wedding than planned makes your pictures of the day even more important and the pictures Philippa got of our day are more than we could have ever imagined. She captured our day so perfectly". - Rosie & Ben ( Btw they were not bribed at all to write that!)????

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Whatever you decide, stick to it, and go ahead no matter what! When the day is here, enjoy it no matter what else is going on in the world. Let your love for each other win and dont let anything get in the way ❤️