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When i was pregnant with my first, having a maternity shoot was completly off my rador, although photography was my passion it wasnt yet my profession. My husband just forgets to take photographs, I have just 2 phone snaps of my pregnant self, both are very shady phone snaps.

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There arent many ladies that feel on top of the world when they are heading into their 3rd trimester, i didnt feel myself and felt fat everywhere. What i didnt realise is that a maternity shoot empowers you, you get out of your comfy leggings for the day and put your make up on, do your hair and then get to put on some fabulous outfits and have some fun, you quickly realise actually you look f*****g fabulous and pregnancy is something to be proud off! Your beautiful, pregnancy is beautiful, lets shout it from the roof tops!

When i was preganant with my daughter, i had the typical mum guilt of thinking i shouldn't have a maternity shoot as i hadn't with my son. Honestly i dont know why we put such ridiculous thoughts in our head. This is the biggest reason of WHY you should have one. You will NEVER get the oppurtuntunity again to have one again, once baby is born its too late. Im so sad that i dont have a single photo of my pregnancy with my daughter, and i actually feel like ive failed her - more mum guilt! Whether you have had a pregnancy shoot or not with your previous children, they will still enjoy looking back through your pregnancy photos. You can share this short moment of your life with them and talk about what it felt like to be pregnant with them.

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This post is in no way written to guilt you in to having a maternity photoshoot, sometimes its just not for you, and thats fine. BUT if you are on the fence about it, and your not sure if perhaps its a little extravagent, you dont look your or feel your best, i promise you i have never met a mum yet that had a maternity shoot that has regretted it!

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