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You have spent 9 months growing and waiting for your new little person to arrive, then all of a sudden they are here, a whirlwind, and life as you know it will never be the same again. Everything becomes a blur and all of a sudden they are 3 months old, their little wrinkly wrists, and tiny tiny toes, have filled out right before your eyes, but somehow in a haze of sleepless nights its passed you by in the blink of an eye.

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Capture the details

When your baby gets older you think of when your baby's feet would fit in the palms of your hand, but can you really remember how tiny they were? Newborn shoots normally take place within the first 3 weeks of arrival, making sure all the tinyest of details are recorded forever.


Nowdays everyone has a pretty good smart phone, its not unreasonable to assume you can take a good snap yourself. Newborn photographers have invested heavily in not just the right camera, but also the right lightening, backdrops, specialist outfits, headbands, bonnets, and props. All of these combined make the timeless images you see on photography websites.

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Posed newborn photography is unlike most genres, It takes hours of safety, training and practice to get right. Ive trained with some of the best in the business and know how to soothe baby to sleep, how to wrap them, light them and postition them correctly so all the tiny details are captured in camera giving stunning final images.

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Baby skin is soft, delicate, perfect right? Wrong! Newborns rarely come into the studio with perfect skin, at under 3 weeks old they often have extremely dry flaky skin, bruising, jaundice, red blothches and baby acne. Trained newborn photographers know how to shoot and edit your images in the best possible light. When looking for a newborn photographer look at everyones style and pick the one that suits you and how you wish your final images to look. Not every newborn photographer is the same, we all shoot & edit differently, pick one whos website images you fall in love with and its likely you will fall in love with your own.

Be IN the photos

We can all take photos with our smart phones, but how often are you actually in those photos? I can hear many of you screaming "I dont want photos of me, I just want photos of the baby" Remember these images are not just for you. They are for your baby also. When he/she is all grown up they will adore looking back through these first few weeks of their life. When you have gone, they will want these images even more. Its your job to record and save these moments for them.

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This is the biggest milestone in your life, you've created a new life. Hiring a professional newborn photographer gives you the chance to sit back, knowing everything from the perfect lighting, training and editing is all taken care of. Relaxing in the knowledge you will recieve priceless images you and your baby will cherish forever.