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When i was planning my own wedding i was on the definite 'No' side of the fence at having Children at our Wedding (apart from our own and Nieces and Nephews) As we went on planning gradually a few more slipped through the net - guests who had to travel a long way, single parents etc and before i knew it we had bundles of them on the list! Do i regret - No, but its not for everyone.

Some of you are still undecided so ive compiled a list of Pros and Cons to having little ones along to enjoy your day!

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They make the Cutest flower girls/pageboys - is there anything sweeter than seeing a little one dressed up carrying a little sign with "Im still single" on down the aisle. It adds a real warmth and loving feeling to the day, and gives a true fairy tale feeling.

A real family affair - Most children remember weddings long after they have been. Parents love to see their little ones having fun, and sometimes its not often all the cousins, grandparents and friends are together in the same room for you to enjoy watching them play. If they are a bit older they can also join in with a reading during the ceremony, which is enough to melt even the toughest of guests!

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Treasured moments - As a Wedding photographer, some of my favourite images are of the kids playing and getting up to mischief. I love capturing what they get up to when they think no one else is watching. Some of my favourite captures of the day are when they fall asleep in their dinner or come in for a hug from Great Grandma Joyce.

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Guests dont have to find babysitters - For some parents its not always possible to find a babysitter and by inviting their children it means you can have them along to the day to enjoy with you!

They get the party started - Without fail every single wedding i have photographed, those that have children along, the party always starts earlier! Kids are the official party starters! They are always on the dance floor the second the dj gets his lights on, and as a result the parents cant resist getting up there to join them!

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Expense - This is the main factor of many couples decision of not having children at their wedding. Its a valid point. Children will definetly add an expense, they will need feeding although most of the time they are happy with chicken nuggets and chips, not the £60 five course meal you are providing for the adult guests!

Co-Operation - Children have thier own minds and as a result that dreamy wedding photograph of a little one walking down the aisle with that cute little sign doesnt always pan out. Sometimes they point blank refuse to do what is expecting of them!

Volume Control -There is often a parent who has to leave the ceremony, speeches etc due to their little ones disrupting these key moments, kids have no volume control and they often choose to be noisy at the most inappropriate of times!

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Added Entertainment - If your having Kids along to the day, you may need to consider putting on added entertainment, Wedding photos, speeches, meal times can sometimes feel like a long time for a little one with nothing to do!

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Parents might not let thier hair down - This is a fact. Parents will always put their kids first. If mum and dad are both at the wedding its likely they will have a designated 'responsible' one. Its likely you will lose a parent early especially if the kids are younger and need putting to bed!

At the end of the day you need to make the best desicion for you, your partner and the day you have planned. Children can bring so much to your day....sometimes too much!

The decision is yours!

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