Pink Elephant Photography | Additional Products

I understand the desire to have the digital files of images for you to print, produce and enlarge. However I strongly believe that the images we are going to create deserve to be displayed using only the best products.  All packages include the digital files, however if you want something extra special for your favourite images there are plenty of options to choose from.


Float & Sphere Acrylics

All Acrylic products are made using only the best crystal clear 5mm thickness acrylic panels all of which are finished with diamond polished edges. They come ready to hang using the relevant hanging system for the size and style of acrylic you have chosen. The panels offer a seamless, ultra sleek, 'float look' finish with no interruption to the image.

Float Acrylics                                                                   Circular Acrylics

16 x 16"     £150.00                                                           12"      £90.00

20 x 20"     £225.00                                                           18"      £120.00

24 x 16"     £225.00                                                           20"     £150.00

24 x 24"     £315.00                                                           24"     £270.00

30 x 20"     £315.00

36 x 24"     £420.00

40 x 30"     £550.00


Canvas Tray Frame

Our beautiful Tray Frame products are open and without glass with your Matte Canvas Print sitting flush with the front of the frame for a beautifully minimalist feel.

A shadow gap is left between the inside edge of the tray frame and the side of the canvas creating a more dramatic version of the negative space provided by a traditional mount.

The Canvas Print in the Tray Frame is printed using 12 specialist Giclee pigment inks with added chroma and a long lasting UV protection from fading.

Available with the choice of four beautiful wood finishes:
Bleached, Seashell, Peat and Flint.

16 x 16"      £242.00

20 x 20"      £299.00

24 x 16"      £280.00

24 x 24"      £370.00

30 x 20"      £400.00

30 x 30"      £450.00

36 x 24"      £500.00

36 x 36"      £560.00

40 x 30"      £580.00


Vintage Frames

The Vintage is a stunning frame that will give your image the wow factor. Each moulding is individually painted and adds a stunning finish to your image. Each frame has a unique pattern and finish ensuring every single one of these items are one of a kind. It is a available in 2 colour choices distressed white or rich dark wedge and the image is printed on the finest  Fuji Crystal Archive Matte paper. Due to the huge variety of sizing and multi aperture options, prices are quoted on an individual basis


Birch Blocks and Spheres

Birch Spheres & Birch Blocks offer something a little different from the norm. These are precision cut and beautifully finished by master craftsmen.

The natural edge pattern of the 18mm thick block provides a clean, natural finish to the product that suits countless different styles of photography and the treated wood finish on the back of the block makes this a stunning product to hand over to my clients.

A scratch-resistant and UV protective laminate is applied to give the product added longevity and the block is hung via stainless steel fixing plates with foam protectors to prevent damage to your wall.

All of our Birch Products are made from FSC certified Birch ply from sustainable forests.

Birch Blocks                                                                    Birch Spheres

10 x 10"      £120.00                                                      8"       £105.00

12 x 12"      £145.00                                                      12"     £132.00

16 x 12"      £130.00                                                      16"     £175.00

16 x 16"      £165.00                                                      20"     £215.00

20 x 20"      £200.00                                                      30"     £350.00

24 x 16"      £200.00

30 x 20"      £260.00

30 x 30"      £300.00